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Combine all your social links into one beautifully personalized microsite card. Edit anytime, and show it off with a custom link.

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Perfect for students, job seekers, business professionals, consultants, and more.

Looking for a new professional or academic opportunity is hard enough. Proxi card templates make it easy to showcase all your experience and achievements in an easily shareable, highly personalized card.

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Enhance your brand's complete visibility and reach with modern link-in-bio templates, providing the tools you need to make a meaningful impact.

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Built on Carrd's foundation templates are designed on Carrd, a user-friendly platform known for its versatility and extensive customization features, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for users.

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Choose from one of many templates below and start creating in minutes.All templates are only $10, with no subscription fees!


Perfect for working professionals, job seekers, and consultants.Whether updating an online presence for networking purposes, showcasing skills, or promoting services, professionals benefit from a personalized link-in-bio card to enhance their digital footprint and communicate effectively with potential employers, clients, or collaborators.Scroll through image sliders for inspiration with each template!

  • Highlight skills and experience

  • Personalize with your brand

  • Modern digital resume

  • Promote products or services

Professional Template

Job Seeker Template

Consultant Template

Students & New Grads

Take your CV to the next level and showcase publications, volunteer work, awards, and more in a modern microsite.Forget handing out business cards - print your card's QR code on a lanyard and enable prospects to take a digital tour through your academic journey and stand out from the crowd.Scroll through image sliders for inspiration with each template!

  • Modern digital CV

  • Highlight academic achievements

  • Perfect for conferences

  • List volunteer work

Student Template 1

Student Template 2

Student Template 3

Creators & Influencers

Showcase your creator journey in one easy, shareable place. From Youtube to Instagram, creators and influencers cover an unlimited variety of content available across the world.Set yourself apart with a modern microsite featuring your brand and messaging to capture new fans and keep existing ones updated.Scroll through image sliders for inspiration with each template!

  • Expand audience reach

  • Capture new viewers

  • Boost lifetime content value

  • Highlight brand partnerships

Youtube Template

Creator Template

Influencer Template

Small Businesses

Small business owners benefit from to streamline customer engagement, promote products and services, and drive sales.Having a branded card creates impact in empowering businesses of all size to connect with their audience and achieve their target goals effectively.

  • Promote new products

  • Easy to manage

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Shareable on socials

Food Business

Trades Business

E-Commerce Business

Pokémon GO Trainer Cards

Free Trainer cards for Pokémon GO to showcase your Trainer journey. Add your stats, any social links, and get easy access to your friend and referral codes to share with others.

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The link between you and your online platforms

Combine all your social links into one beautifully personalized microsite card. Edit anytime, and show it off with a custom link.


Helping you be your best

There are an infinite number of social media platforms today. Some are for friends and family, others are for selling a side hustle, and even for building your professional network.

But how do you showcase all the work you've created, or help get the word out on a new channel you're building?

Whether you're a professional on the hunt for a new job, a creator sharing your passions, or a small business looking for your next client, we want you to take the next step and showcase all of what you offer in one simple collection of where people can find you.

Our story

Highlight what matters most was created from a passion for helping others reach their goals.

Hi, I'm Kevin. I created proxi cards after using the Carrd platform to build another project I'm passionate about - emerald. Carrd is a fantastic no-code landing page builder that offers a robust free option and extremely low annual premium subscription plans.

After building my portfolio website, I wanted to help others get a head start on creating a portfolio to showcase their work. I started building a new brand as a service that would build 1-3 page portfolio mini-sites to serve as an extra resource to help job seekers get hired.

I had realized partway through that the future isn't in small portfolio websites. Everyone is already invested in many other platforms where their content lives, and it's more effective to combine all of these platforms into one.

There are many link-in-bio platforms out there, but they're very cheap, offering only the absolute minimum at the free level until you subscribe. Using Carrd to create micro-sites instead of a landing page builder provides so much more creative freedom and capability without a subscription.

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